Welcome to First India Baptist Church

Pastor Avinash Raiborde is a powerful prophetic minister of God. His career started off with civil engineering. Hailing from a pastoral family, Pastor Avinash Raiborde grew up in the reverence and fear of God. During a visit to the US to pursue biblical studies, he encountered a supernatural visitation of God where God audibly spoke to him and said that he is going to use him for the city of Atlanta and worldwide.

God has raised both Pastor Avinash and Pastor Pranoti Raiborde to be strong leaders in the city of Atlanta and unto the nations of the world. They share the vision of God and together have been serving First India Baptist Church for over two decades.

Their ministry extends to countries like Fiji, New Zealand, Pakistan, India and thousands have been touched and blessed through their ministry as people are healed of various diseases, delivered and  encouraged through Christ love. People have experienced creative miracles as well in their ministry.

They continue to serve God with all their passion and strength in the city of Atlanta. The Church represents a lighthouse of God where people who attend their service do not leave without the touch of God and experiencing God’s love!